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Hormonal Coup

Yesterday, I was concerned to find myself spun around by spending the afternoon with my tween.  Sure, his injury meant that I had to interrupt my work on two consecutive days–plus loose some sleep–But why couldn’t I relax into our time together?

Van Gogh, from Drawings (

Are we that mismatched?

Is he that difficult?

Have I enabled such a challenging personality?

Or is it me?

With grown children, am I so accustomed to days spent alone, that an afternoon at the doctor’s office–and a “date” at the bakery–is too much parental contact?

This morning it all becomes clear.   As I face the messes in the kitchen and shout to my son to chase after the bus, I realize that I am completely–and inexplicably–unglued.

And then it hits me:

Someone has taken over my flight. It was a covert operation yesterday, but this morning–it is a total coup.

My plane is banking left and heading sharply toward the ground.

Arabic (


This explains everything. I’m about to get my period–and I’m 46–a potentially “lethal” combination.

Where is that Red Tent when I need it?

When the school calls to tell me that my son did make the bus–but adds that I’ll have to come in to administer the antibiotics he needs— I want to cry.

Instead I pull down the oxygen mask and prepare for a rough landing.

I’m back in the pilot’s seat–and that makes all the difference.

Kelly Salasin

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Lifelong educator, writer, retreat & journey leader, yoga & yogadance instructor.

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