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the daughter i always had

On Mothers Day, I posted an old photo of my two sons with this caption:

O-ffering of

Which inspired me to post a followup photo of my daughter.

With this caption:

My daughter~my lila~my play of consciousness~ready for another mother-daughter adventure, in our ever-unfolding dance of devotion, which took root in 2012, a dozen years after my youngest son was born and which will soon be light enough to fly!

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Judgmental Squirrels

APR2011_1098It’s peculiar to sit here at the computer, writing about my empty(ing) nest, while out my window, two squirrels work to build a nest in the shed.

Watching them scurry is exhausting.  Their industriousness makes it impossible to focus on my own work.

Oddly enough, they seem equally interested in me–stopping on their way from the shed to the field (and back again)–to perch on the stonewall or the clothesline to study my stillness.

“How does she sit there all day?” they ask themselves.

“Shouldn’t she be out collecting acorns for her family?”

In the face of their judgment, I consider Paris.

No doubt French squirrels mind their own business.