About the Diary

The Empty(ing) Nest Diary came to me one morning when I woke– ravenous–as if I had just given birth.  For a moment, I felt  a pang of loss for that clear sense of purpose that comes after delivering a child.  But then I asked, “What’s birthing now?”

The answer was a blog about the shifting ways of loving children as they get ready to fly. Scores of books and mommy groups and parking lot conversations focus on how to parent in the nest, but there is much less about the sky.  That’s probably because we’re all terrified, reserving what little energy we have to keep from crashing.

But I need to talk about all the joys and challenges of this time, and I need to glean wisdom from all of you as I do.

Yours in the sky,


One thought on “About the Diary

  1. Thank you for your eloquent words that touch my heart.
    It seems we parents need to support each other as we let go more and more of our precious children to whom we’ve devoted so much time and energy, tears and laughter.
    I teach parenting workshops and I see parents really feeling so alone and bewildered when their kids enter adolescence.
    We need each other.
    I hope I can print out what you wrote. I’d like to share it with the parents. I teach a workshop called “Transition to Middle School” for parents and also one called “Parenting the Teenager”.
    The parents love finding out they are “not alone”.
    Thank you for your loving, wise, insightful words.
    You and Katrina Kenison are doing parents a great service with your words.
    With gratitude,
    Linda Marten
    parent of a 16 yr old and a 22 yr old

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