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TIME: 11:00 pm (when teenager arrives home from work surprisingly tired)

STARRING: Parental Units (who had caffeine much too late in the day)

TARGET AUDIENCE: Teenagers who wake sleeping parents–night after night, week after week, month after month, year after…

SETTING: Teenager in bed, falling to sleep.

ACT I: Open and close latch doors to bathroom and bedrooms

ACT II: Drop something. Drop something else. Drop another thing.

ACT III: Open and close drawers. Open and close drawers.

ACT IV: Go up and down the stairs. Two times. Make that 3 times.

ACT V. Walk into teen’s room and say, GOODNIGHT, after he’s turned out the lights and is falling to sleep.

ACT VI. Walk into teen’s room when he is sound asleep to show him something cool on YouTube.

CLOSING ACT: Run into teen’s bedroom and dive over his body because of a dream.

ENCORE: Call to teen for help because there might be a spider in my room.

(Countdown: just a few sleeps before he lives somewhere else and visits on weekends and vacations.)


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