Tall. Taller. Tallest.

Tall. Taller. Tallest.

I’ve watched it happen. I’ve waited for it to happen. I’ve measured it repeatedly. Measured us against one another. And he’s come close. But I’ve remained. His mother. Taller. By a lot. And then a little. And a little less. And a little less than that. Until today. I saw it coming… He’s been home … Continue reading

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She felt motherhood slipping away, like an ice cap, slowly melting over time, and then suddenly breaking apart, drifting further and further… Alone, at a children’s book museum, she released silent tears, as she read Knuffle Bunny Free to herself. She had read the first in this series: Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale to her youngest … Continue reading

Leaving the Nest

By now, I know that this is how it goes. I expand into a new aspect of my life and the nightmares return. There was the one where I prostituted my youngest son. Or the one where my house was on fire. Or the one from this week where I cheated on my husband and … Continue reading

I’m Selling Something…!

(Stay tuned for the next offering of How Full is Your Plate?) No doubt I will regret the blatant choice of titles for this post sometime very soon, but in this moment, I’m capturing my excitement about learning something new:  How to share something worthwhile on my blog and be paid for it! (After writing … Continue reading

The King’s Fountain

(an excerpt from the upcoming memoir, which might be titled: Lila~the woman, the book, and the vagina; but probably not) “Kelly Ann, close the door, you’re letting the air out.” Did you ever wonder how you could let the air “out” when it was already…everywhere? It’s like giraffes in winter. “Kelly Ann, close the door, … Continue reading